List of Degree Recipients for Award of Medals & Certificate of Excellence

Roll No Enrollment No Name Course/ Programme Branch Batch
MRT11UGBCS002 2011060057 Aditi Saxena B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering 2011-15
MRT11UGBEC062 2011070107 Sriencha Patel B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering 2011-15
MRT11UGBEE020 2011070134 Niranjan Kumar Mishra B.Tech. Electrical Engineering 2011-15
MRT11UGBBM007 2011030014 Niveta Singh B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering 2011-15
MRT11UGBBT006 2011040008 Pushpita Bhattacharjee B.Tech. Biotechnology 2011-15
MRT11UGBMT001 2011070151 Abhishek Pandey B.Tech. Mechatronics 2011-15
MRT12UGBBT008 2012040008 Jitendra Singh B.Tech. Biotechnology 2012-16
MRT12UGBCS049 2012060123 Vishakha Singh B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering 2012-16
MRT12UGBEC028 2012070028 Vadali Dedeepya Manojna B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering 2012-16
MRT12UGBEE001 2012070034 Arpita Panda B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2012-16
MRT12UGBME026 2012080026 Mahendra Sunariya B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering 2012-16
MRT12UGBBM011 2012030018 Siddirala Sai Niharika B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering 2012-16
MRT13UGBCE007 2013120007 Ayush Singhal B.Tech. Civil Engineering 2013-17
MRT13UGBCS026 2013060095 Shruti Sharma B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering 2013-17
MRT13UGBBM016 2013030021 Surabhi Dutta B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering 2013-17
MRT13UGBME021 2013080021 Prabhat Kumar B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering 2013-17
MRT13UGBEE001 2013070019 Digvijay Singh B.Tech. Electrical Engineering 2013-17
MRT13UGBEEE009 2013070014 Aashna B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2013-17
MRT14UGBBT037 2014040039 Shashank Chauhan B.Tech. Biotechnology 2014-18
MRT14UGBBM018 2014030020 Rushda Amreen B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering 2014-18
MRT14UGBCE025 2014120025 Mwale Paul B.Tech. Civil Engineering 2014-18
MRT14UGBCS001 2014060004 Akshat Patel B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering 2014-18
MRT14UGBME040 2014080040 Rishabh Srivastava B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering 2014-18
MRT15UGBCS005 2015060034 Vivek Pal B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering 2015-19
MRT15UGBEE002 2015070012 Ngoma Collins B.Tech. Electrical Engineering 2015-19
MRT15UGBME010 2015080012 Shubham B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering 2015-19
MRT13PGMEC011 2013070011 Vandana Kanyal M.Tech. Communication Engineering 2013-15
MRT14PGMBT002 2014040681 Rama Singh Jadon M.Tech. Biotechnology 2014-16
MRT14PGVLSI002 2014070776 Neha Choudhary M.Tech. VLSI 2014-16
MRT14PGMEE001 2014070779 Garima Choudhary M.Tech. Power System Engineering 2014-16
MRT15PGMEC003 2015070005 Noopur Sharma M.Tech. Communication Engineering 2015-17
MRT15PGVLSI002 2015070002 Vishikha M.Tech. VLSI 2015-17
MRT16PGMCS005 2016060005 Sheenam Goel M.Tech. Computer Engineering 2016-18
MRT16PGME001 2016080001 Hemant Kumar Sharma M.Tech. CAD/CAM 2016-18
MRT16PGMFT003 2016040003 Mahi Tyagi M.Tech. Food Technology 2016-18
MRT12UGBCA003 2012060130 Mohd Shakir B.C.A. - 2012-15
MRT13UGBCA012 2013060115 Neha Khaiwal B.C.A. - 2013-16
MRT15UGBCA006 2015060017 Preeti Yadav B.C.A. 2015-18
MRT16UGBCA003 2016060048 Deepali Chauhan B.C.A. - 2016-19
MRT12PGMCA001 2012060054 Animesh Patra M.C.A. - 2012-15
MRT16PGMCA23001 232016060066 Anupam Patel M.C.A. - 2015-18
B.Sc. (Honors)
MRT14UGBSCS23001 232014060124 Akshita Sharma B.Sc. (Honors) Computer Science 2013-16
MRT13UGBSE001 2013070195 Sandeep Kumar Jha B.Sc. (Honors) Electronics 2013-16
MRT13UGBSHS007 2013020011 Km Radhika Chouhan B.Sc. (Honors) Home Science 2013-16
MRT14UGBSCS004 2014060099 Pratibha Singh B.Sc. (Honors) Computer Science 2014-17
MRT14UGBSIT001 2014060102 Ajay Kumar Bangthai B.Sc. (Honors) Information Technology 2014-17
MRT14UGBSHS002 2014020002 Anjali Panwar B.Sc. (Honors) Home Science 2014-17
MRT15UGBSBT007 2015040018 Pooja Chauhan B.Sc. (Honors) Biotechnology 2015-18
MRT15UGBSCS008 2015060028 Venus B.Sc. (Honors) Computer Science 2015-18
MRT16UGBSBM014 2016030020 Sweety Pal B.Sc. (Honors) Biomedical Sciences 2016-19
MRT16UGBSBT005 2016040019 Komal Chaudhary B.Sc. (Honors) Biotechnology 2016-19
MRT16UGBSCS015 2016060029 Suruchi B.Sc. (Honors) Computer Science 2016-19
MRT13PGMSBT004 2013040108 Km. Tashmiya Naaz M.Sc. Biotechnology 2013-15
MRT13PGMSCS004 2013060265 Himanshu Sharma M.Sc. Computer Science 2013-15
MRT15PGMSCS004 2015060011 Swati Chauhan M.Sc. Computer Science 2015-17
MRT15PGMSMB003 2015040007 Km. Ekta Sharma M.Sc. Microbiology 2015-17
MRT16PGMSBT001 2016040007 Anuj Chauhan M.Sc. Biotechnology 2016-18
MRT16PGMSCS002 2016060009 Alka M.Sc. Computer Science 2016-18
MRT16PGMSBP003 2016030024 Rezina Nachrin M.Sc. Biophysics 2016-18
MRT17PGMSCS004 2017060022 Sunil Kumar M.Sc. Computer Science 2017-19
MRT14PGMPBS007 2014050652 Vandana Rana M.Phil. Management 2014-15
MRT17PGMPM001 2017020002 Shamshad Husain M.Phil. Mathematics 2017-18
MRT18PGMPBT001 2018040019 Chhavi Goel M. Phil. Biotechnology 2018-19
MRT12UGBBA009 2012050010 Nutan Chauhan B.B.A. - 2012-15
MRT13UGBBA006 2013050075 Chomba Chibwe B.B.A. - 2013-16
MRT14UGBBA141 2014050149 Neha Sharma B.B.A. - 2014-17
MRT15UGBBA011 2015050071 Raghu Rana B.B.A. - 2015-18
MRT14PGMBA017 2014050429 Aradhana Dubey M.B.A. - 2014-16
MRT15PGMBA007 2015050013 Lakshya Kumar M.B.A. - 2015-17
MRT16PGMBA013 2016050016 Chomba Chibwe M.B.A. - 2016-18
MRT17PGMBA011 2017050096 Aayushi Bhardwaj M.B.A. - 2017-19
B.A. (Honors)
MRT13UGBPA003 2013050120 Ashwin Kumar B.A. (Honors) Public Administration 2013-16
MRT13UGBAE002 2013050142 Mulenga Chanda B.A. (Honors) Economics 2013-16
MRT16UGBAE003 2016050089 Anjali Giri B.A. (Honours) Economics 2016-19
B.Com. (Honors)
MRT13UGBCM045 2013050190 Varsha Tyagi B.Com. (Honors) - 2013-16
MRT14UGBCM058 2014050399 Shilpa Chauhan B.Com. (Honors) - 2014-17
MRT15UGBCM023 2015050042 Priya Yadav B.Com. (Honors) - 2015-18
MRT16UGBCM021 2016050082 Swati Chauhan B.Com. (Honors) - 2016-19
MRT15UGLLB006 2015130007 Eklavya Dwivedi LL.B. - 2015-18
MRT14PGLLM004 2014130019 Sneha LL.M. Corporate Laws 2014-16
MRT15PGLLM005 2015130027 Gunjan Tyagi LL.M. Criminal Law 2015-17
MRT16PGLLM1010 2016130041 Ravi LL.M. Constitutional and Administrative Law 2016-17
MRT17PGLLM1004 2017130018 Vasundhra Garg LL.M. Constitutional and Administrative Law 2017-18
MRT16PGLLM2046 122016130118 Arjun Dutt Sharma LL.M. Criminal Laws 2016-18
MRT17PGLLM2001 2017130019 Jatika Kathuria LL.M. Corporate Law 2017-19
MRT16UGBLIS008 2016020012 Shivya Bharti B.L.I.S - 2016-17
MRT17UGBLIS009 2017020016 Ritu B.L.I.S - 2017-18
MRT18UGBLIS009 2018020011 Sharul Ansari B.L.I.S - 2018-19
MRT17PGMLIS002 2017020019 Richa Swami M.L.I.S. - 2017-18
MRT15UGBED015 2015140015 Shilpi B.Ed. - 2015-17
MRT16UGBED035 2016140035 Sabeen Fatma B.Ed. - 2016-18
MRT17UGBED017 2017140019 Panap Jain B.Ed. - 2017-19

List of PH.D. Degree Recipients

Enrolment No. Registration No. Name Title of Thesis
Doctor of Philosophy - Management
2010050017 su/sbs/ph.d./pt/10/01 dated 31.12.2010 Salim Abdullah Ali Al Bas Hrm Practices In Indian Armed Forces An Empirical Study Of Corps Of Electronics & Mechnical Engg
2013050049 su/sociology/ph.d./pt/13/01 Salim Abdullah Ali Al Bas The Nature Of Youth Criminality In Omani Society: A Social Comparative Study Of Delinquents And Non-Delinquents
2008050084 su/sbs/ph.d./pt/08/37 dated 18.11.2008 Col (Retd) Rakesh Sharma e governance in india and its benchmarking
2014050003 su/ph.d./p.t./management/2014/01 Ujjwalkumar Gangopadhyay an exploratory study towards the development of new marketing strategy for agro textile in india”
2014050008 su/ph.d./p.t./management/2014/04 dated 29th june, 2014 Parvana Ratan Patel effects of human resource policies on employees engagement in public sector banks in india
2013050202 su/management/ph.d./13/02 dt 26.10.2013. Anshu Choudhary a comparative study of stress management in private and public banking sector in delhi ncr
2013050201 su/management/ph.d./13/01 dt 26.10.2013. Abhishek Kumar study of business environment in organised retail sectors (with reference to ncr region)
2013050204 su/management/ph.d./13/04 dt 26.10.2013. Jay Ganesh Tripathi an analysis of distance education in implementation of the universal education in india
2011050022 su/nmc/ph.d/ft/11/01 dt 31.10.2011 Evgeniya Zharikova foreign direct investment and its impact on poverty alleviation: a state level analysis in india (1991-2015)
2012050067 su/management/ph.d./pt/ 12/01 dt 24.12.2012 Kaustubh Chauhan labour management and humanity- in automobile sector of national capital region(ncr) of india (overseas companies v/s national companies)- a comparative study
2014050656 su/management/ph.d./p.t/14/05 dt 07.11.2014 Preeti Garg work life balance of women executives in it sector- a study in delhi and ncr
2012050064 su/management/ph.d/p.t/12/01 dt 10.11.2012 Devesh Gupta new product strategy, structure, processes with reference to its performance in the indian it industry environment
352017050007 su/ph.d./p.t./management/3517/03 Neha Vashistha a comparative study of motivational factors for employees of public and private sector banks in meerut district
2012050065 su/management/ph.d/p.t/12/02 Nitishi Gupta training & development as a source of motivation in it sector
2013050205 su/management/ph.d./13/05 Swati Jain retention strategies used by the commodity trading organisations to retain traders
2015050095 su/ph.d./p.t./management/2015/05 Sudhir Kumar Gaur the role of ethics and environment in management of institutions with special reference to haridwar district
2015050091 su/ph.d./p.t./management/2015/04 Manvi Panchal a study on job satisfaction affecting the work performance of teachers working in government and private secondary schools- delhi-ncr
2015050002 su/management/ph.d/p.t/15/02 Sanchit Dagar a study of buying patterns of smart phones and their use with the advent of m-commerce
2016050096 su/management/ph.d./p.t./16/02 Rohitash Kumar analysis of occupational stress and its management among the employees of healthcare sector : a study of public and private sector hospitals in meerut division
2015050096 su/management/ph.d./p.t./2015/06 Deepak Trivedi rural transformation through rural roads in uttar pradesh with special reference to pmgsy: a critical analysis
Doctor of Philosophy - Law
2015130057 su/law/ph.d./p.t/15/05 Mohd Imran critical analysis of independence and accountability of higher judiciary in india
352019130001 su/ph.d./p.t./law/3519/01 Yatish Kumar Sharma triple talaq and human rights of muslim married women : a critical study in india
Doctor of Philosophy - Computer Engineering & Information Technology
2008060348 su/sce&it/ph.d/pt/08/43 dated 06.12.2008 Shivendra Goel a soft computing based model for trip production and attraction
2011060112 su/cs & it/ph.d./11/02 dated 04.12.2011 Yogesh Awasthi secure watermarking techniques for ipr protection of computer software
2008060346 su/sce&it/ph.d/ft/08/35 dated 06.12.2008 Rajeev Kumar multi-feature brain image analysis to diagnose brain tumor through cellular automata based simulation
2010060111 su/sce&it/ph.d./ 10/05 dated 31.12.2010 Mukesh Rawat domain independent automatic cluster generation of documents”.
2008060345 su/sce&it/ph.d./pt/08/34 dated 06.12.2008 Yogendar Sharma dhole - indian wild dog metaheuristic intrusion detection system (iwd-mids)
2010060114 su/sce&it/ph.d./10/08 Saroj Bala data clustering using swarm intelligence
2013060278 su/cs&it/ph.d./13/03 dt 01.09.2013 Sunil Kumar computational modeling for yield prediction in integrated farming systems
2013060280 su/cs&it/ph.d./13/05 dated 02.12.2013 Meenakshi Malik a study of multidimensional data mining mechanism for crop planning based on multi- model approach
2013060277 su/cs&it/ph.d./13/02 Monisha Chauhan trustworthiness of cloud service provider & efficient tpa in cloud computing using access control
2013060279 su/cs&it/ph.d./13/04 Arun Kumar Giri study of compressive sensing technique for bio-medical images
2013060283 su/cs&it/ph.d./13/07 Lt.Col Jatinder Paul Singh cloud authentication in army and improved algorithms for data security
2013060281 su/cs&it/ph.d./13/06 Anamika lexicon based sentiment analysis and tappern discovery
Doctor of Philosophy- Electronics & Communication Engineering
2012070082 su/electronics/ph.d./pt/ 12/01 Shailendra Mishra study & performance analysis of cnt as on-chip vlsi interconnects
2014070001 su/electronics/ph.d./pt/2014/01 Rakesh Kumar Goyal design and deployment strategy for advance metering infrastructure in india
Doctor of Philosophy- Electronics Engineering
2011070172 su/electronics/ph.d./ pt/11/01 Jasvir Singh Rana model order reduction of liner dynamic system & controller design
Doctor of Philosophy- Electronics
2011070173 su/electronics/ph.d./ 11/02 dated 04.12.2011 Vangmayee Sharda analysis of graphene nanoribbon (gnr) interconnects with multi-gate device technology for vlsi applications
2008070002 su/see/ph.d./pt/08/07 dated 07.06.2008 Yograj Singh Duksh crosstalk and propagation delay analysis in modern vlsi interconnects
2014070002 su/vlsi/ph.d./pt/14/01 dt 11.4.2014 Praggya Agnihotiry study of graphene based planner interconnects for nano-scale regime
2013070206 su/electronics/ph.d./pt/ 13/01 dt 01.12.2013 Mukesh Kumar Mittal study of innovating measuring system for electrical energy
Doctor of Philosophy- Agri-Informatics
2010110001 su/caie/ph.d./10/01 dated 31.12.2010 Raj Kumar an investigation of eco-friendly techniques for removing toxic content from effluent
Doctor of Philosophy- Biotechnology
2011040017 su/bt/ph.d./pt/11/01 dated 08.11.2011 Minakshi Choudhary identification and characterization of gene differentially expressed under drought stress in pearl millet (pennisetum glaucoma)
2012040035 su/biotech/ph.d./p.t./12/01 Harinder Vishwakarma cloning and characterization of genes responsible for heat stress tolerance in wheat
Doctor Of Philosophy - Microbiology
2013040120 su/microbiology/ph.d./13/01 Anvesha Sinha characterization of antibacterial properties of green silver nanoparticles
Doctor Of Philosophy- Bio-Informatics
2011010002 su/bi/ph.d./pt/11/02 dated 08.11.2011 Shilpi Singh genome wide association and analysis of impact of abiotic stresses on nitrogen fixing gene family in the cyanobacterium anabaena sp pcc7120
2011010001 su/bi/ph.d./pt/11/01 dated 08.11.2011 Sabeen Fatma a comparative comprehensive transcriptome sequence analysis for various stress responsive factors in legumes
2012010001 su/bi/ph.d./pt/1/02/01 dated 01.12.2012 Jyothi M.N. identification and functional characterization of novel mmirnas from french bean (phaseolus vulgaris) under abiotic stress conditions
2013010001 su/bi/ph.d./pt/2013/01 Usha studies on small rna-mediated responses to abiotic stress in finger millet (elesine coracana)
2012010002 su/bi/ph.d./pt/12/02 Maninder Sandhu in silico analysis of microsatellite length variation and its correspondence with gene expression pattern under salt stress in rice
2016040027 su/ph.d./bi/p.t./16/01 Paridhi Goyal ecg signal analysis for detecting minute anomalies using matlab
Doctor Of Philosophy- Biomedical Engineering
2012030020 su/bm/phd./p.t./12/01 dt 31.12.2010 Pramod Kumar Sharma dosimetric aspects of 4-dimensional computed tomography(4dct) and motion management in radiotherapy
2013030001 su/bm/ph.d./pt/13/01 Manish Kumar Goyal study of carcinoma of the cervix management with high dose rate brachy therapy: 3d dosimetric evaluation
2010030017 su/bm/ph.d./ 10/02 dt 31.10.2010 C.S. Ram effect of low intensity ultrasound therapy on sarcoma cancer in rats
Doctor Of Philosophy - Physics
2011020001 su/sbas/ph.d/11/01 Ekta Gupta an electronic approach to reduce delay in signal processing using selected multipliers
Doctor Of Philosophy- Pharmaceutical Sciences
2010090009 su/sps/ph.d./10/01 dated 04.12.2010 Rashmi Subhedar a new herbal initiative for mouth ulcer therapy
2010090010 su/sps/ph.d/10/02 dated 04.12.2010 Karkhanis Maushumi Uday transdermal permeation enhancement of some anti-inflammatory drugs by various approaches
2008090009 su/sps/ph.d./pt/08/14 dated 27.05.2008 Mahendra Kumar Keshari effect of some indigenous plants on ocular hypertension-an experimental and clinical study.
2011090002 su/ Sourabh Jain development of q.c. parameters of some anthelmintic ayurvedic formulations
2011090003 su/ Yadu Nandan Dey studies on influence of the tuber of amorphophallus paeoniifolius on gastro intestine tract and its disturbances in experimental studies
Important Note:

The University reserves the right to modify / amend the information in accordance with University policy anytime. In case of any concern / dispute the decision of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor shall be deemed final and binding on all concerned.