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Law & Constitutional Studies

School of Law and Constitutional Studies (SLCS) is a constituent department of Shobhit University and is approved by Bar Council of India. SLCS intends to introduce students to the study of law with an emphasis on the Indian Constitution. The school focuses on legal studies with an understanding on how constitutional rules affect political and economic processes. Students also study the theory, history, economics, and development of constitutional thought. They also learn about natural and civil rights, a market economy, a self-governing citizenry, voluntary associations, and the rule of law.

The School was formally inaugurated by Shri Keshri Nath Tripathi Ji, H.E. the Governor of West Bengal, and an emenient Advocate.

Our Mission

School of Law and Constitutional Studies seeks to prepare students for the practice of law in India. We must attempt to instill in every student a respect for the rule of law, a devotion to the ideal of public service, and a commitment to basic professional values: honesty, diligence, competence, intelligence, and civility.

To achieve this the school seeks to promote multi-disciplinary analysis of the socio-legal problems by designing its course-structure and teaching methods to realize these objectives.


After completing this programme, graduates of the program are able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Indian legal system.
  • Exhibit proficiency in legal analysis, legal reasoning, and legal practice skills.
  • Demonstrate acquaintance and knowledge of the substantive and procedural law.
  • Have ability to draft common legal documents and organise legal analysis and argument.


We're the first to admit it: Learning the law is not easy. You have to sharpen a range of skills, including analysis, writing, and persuasion. You also have to learn a canon of precepts, theories, and procedures. As a strong academic community, committed to our students, we have designed curricula that produce broadly educated lawyer with strong Constitutional background and we have developed an approach to teaching the law that is both challenging and supportive in compliance with the recommendations and guidelines of Bar Council of India.

Course Offered

For the current academic year, we are offering the following programs:

Strong Industry Collaborations

At SIET, we have collaborations with some world-class companies to include New Age industry-endorsed specialisations such as Data Analytics, DevOps, VLSI, Cyber Security with Quick Heal Academy, Cloud Computing, Interaction Design, Full Stack Development, Game Design, IoT & Embedded Systems, Industrial Automation, among others.

Our National Rankings

  • Shobhit University: School of Law and Constitutional Studies ranked 3rd in India's Top Law Schools of Excellence Ranking List published by Competition Success Review - GHRDC Law Schools Survey 2019
  • 'School of Law and Constitutional Studies' of Shobhit University Ranked 7th in India's Top Law Schools of Excellence by Competition Success Review-GHRDC Law Schools Survey 2018
  • 'School of Law and Constitutional Studies' of Shobhit University featured in "40 BEST LAW COLLEGES IN INDIA" by (Published in India Today ASPIRE. January 2018 issue)
  • Shobhit University School of Engineering & Technology ranked amongst Top 150 Engineering Institutions of India

Learn from the Best Faculty

The greatest influence on student progression is to employ inspired and passionate teachers for students, to maximise the effect of teaching on all students.

At Law & Constitutional Studies, your degree is guided by some of the best minds in education – teachers and technologists, researchers and people from the corporate world – who bring their knowledge, experiences and real time war stories to the classroom for a truly immersive applied education.