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In Shobhit University, we are committed to achieving excellence in research, and to ensure that our research contributes to the well-being of society. We are A Research-Intensive University that shares the values of high-quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research. We seek to provide a creative and supportive environment in which ideas are generated and can flourish.

The excellence and diversity of our research across the Faculties of Agriculture Informatics, Biological Engineering, Electronics, Informatics & Computer Engineering, Electrical Mechanical Civil Engineering, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Management Studies and Humanities, Education and Faculty of Law means that in addition to our achievements in fundamental research, we are also well-positioned to make significant contributions to the national innovation agenda and by conveying the implications of our research, to contribute to the formulation of policy.

Academic Research

Academic research focuses on the creation of new ideas, perspectives, and arguments. The researcher seeks relevant information in articles, books, and other sources, then develops an informed point of view within this ongoing "conversation" among researchers.

The research process is not simply collecting data, evidence, or "facts," then piecing together this preexisting information into a paper. Instead, the research process is about inquiry—asking questions and developing answers through serious critical thinking and thoughtful reflection.

As a result, the research process is recursive, meaning that the researcher regularly revisits ideas, seeks new information when necessary, and reconsiders and refines the research question, topic, or approach. In other words, research almost always involves constant reflection and revision.

At Shobhit University, the academicians are putting a lot of emphasis on promoting academic research. The research papers of the faculty and the students are regulary published in Journals indexed in SCOPUS / Web of Science / Science Citation Index etc.

Course Offered

For the current academic year, we are offering the following programs:

Research & Publications

Students are encouraged to write papers along with the teachers, researchers and others. A list of all such papers is given below. However, they while studying are also encouraged to write articles and other creative compositions in different genre for their wall magazine, campus magazine etc:-


Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals (national/international) : 69

More Detail

Our National Rankings

  • Shobhit University has been conferred upon "Best University for Research 2017 Award" by Centre for Education Growth and Research (CEGR).
  • Shobhit, Meerut is Ranked 1st in Research Productivity among Private Universities based on Citation/Paper. Source: CII Report based on Indian Citation Indexed 2016
  • Shobhit University School of Engineering & Technology ranked amongst Top 150 Engineering Institutions of India

Research Journals

It is well established that one of the ways of promoting research and learning is to publish a research journal, which would serve as a vehicle for preservation and dissemination of research work on one hand and motivation to young researcher and faculty on the other hand. With this end in view, the university publishes two research journals.